Things to do in Davis County

Discover the History…

We invite you to discover the rich history in Davis County!  Tour a courthouse that is over 135 years old and is still used today as the courthouse!  Check out several buildings at the historical complex which includes a doctor’s home that is almost 170 years old, plus a Mormon log cabin that was on the Mormon trail.  Over 80,000 Mormons traveled through Davis County during their move to Utah between the years of 1846 and 1860.

The Welcome Center is a restored 1910 Sears, Roebuck and Company mail order house.  It’s a piece of history that is filled with local handcrafted items and travel information.  Plus we offer a driving tour of some of the finest heritage homes in Bloomfield.  All of the homes were built over 100+ years ago and include a Civil War Brigadier-General’s home and one which is the only private residence in Bloomfield listed on the National Historic Register.

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